Position Profile

Our Position Profiles are recognized for their analysis of not only the company and employees but also the job responsibilities and qualifications needed to ensure success in the position. A KD Search & Associates Position Profile takes the theoretical definition of your critical role and reframes it in linking the people you hire to your business strategy.

Our Position Profile comprises four parts that, when pulled together, create a blueprint for successful hiring:

1. Core Purpose

The Core Purpose is the mission of the job – why it needs to be filled. By narrowly defining the Core Purpose, you’re able to recognize the right person with the right skills to solve the existing business challenge.

2. Outcomes

While the typical job description focuses on what the person will be doing, a Position Profile emphasizes what must get done in order to meet your business objectives. It defines “what success will look like.”

3. Job Competencies

Having specified the Core Purpose and gained a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished, it’s possible to accurately define the skills necessary to do the job. KD Search & Associates maintains an extensive competency library that pinpoints the exact skill set required to perform any task.

4. Cultural Competencies

Of equal importance to Job Competencies, Cultural Competencies define how the employee must “operate” within the company culture in order to be effective.