KDSearch & Associates possesses nearly 40 years of recruiting experience in the Healthcare, Manufacturing/Industrial, Education, Destination Marketing, and Not-for-Profit fields. WE KNOW YOUR INDUSTRY: What skills and talents are required to succeed. Which organizations are thriving, and why. We know the superstars and how they became so. Experience combined with knowledge allows us to directly and effectively market your opportunity to the right people at the right time.

Attract the “unavailable” candidate

Most unassisted and fee-contingent-upon-placement searches reach only those individuals seeking employment. KDSearch & Associates actively works to identify and recruit people who are challenged and successful in their current position. These people are not actively in the market, and so are not exposed to your job posting.

KDSearch & Associates becomes an extension of your internal resources. Executive Search is a time-consuming and sensitive process. Engaging our firm will relieve the burden on your human resources department and provide special expertise that might not be available internally. We respect your time by presenting only those highly qualified candidates whom we’ve personally interviewed. KDSearch & Associates will free you to focus on what you do best.


Calculate the true costs before you go it alone: The expense of preparing and executing an advertising and recruiting campaign. The lost productivity while screening, qualifying, and verifying candidate qualifications. The cost of operating without a needed employee for an extended time. The huge expense and lost momentum of replacing an individual who failed to live up to expectations, or left after a short stay. An investment in KDSearch & Associates is an investment in quality and risk minimization.


KDSearch & Associates provides confidentiality for both the client and the candidates. Client confidentiality can prevent you from being inundated with inquiries and resumes from unqualified candidates, while keeping you a step ahead of the competition. High-level executives appreciate the worth of third-party presentation, confidentiality, and professional mediation. Securing superior candidates is intricate and best performed by a discreet professional with this as their entire focus. These candidates have well-rounded concerns about confidentiality and their personal privacy rights. They do not put their careers at risk by responding to public Internet resume posting services or contingency search firms.

Market feedback and research

KDSearch & Associates provides you with knowledge of the managerial market within your industry. Our research department is well-equipped to identify the realities of the current market. As experts in research and reference checking, we are adept at gaining significant information from references, and offer comprehensive background checking that verifies every aspect of the candidates’ claims.


As a third party, we’re capable of objectively asking the tough questions regarding compensation, relocation, reporting structures, and other sometimes delicate topics. We invest the time to go beyond the submitted references to uncover the true essence of the talent.