KD Transitions offers a local boutique touch with a global network of resources to ensure long-term career success for our clients. In addition to searching for a job, our clients may discover an entrepreneurial spirit, decide to prepare for retirement, or pursue new interests and work alternatives.

Our career coaches consult with each client to develop a customized program and a winning strategy, helping them to:

FOCUS on the next step in their professional life—assessing their skills, understanding their career aspirations, and setting short- and long-term goals

LEARN how to effectively market themselves—finding new opportunities for success using our variety of assessment tools to uncover new directions, interests and passions

SEARCH for the right opportunity—continuing their career in the same industry, making a change, starting a business, or reducing hours

CONNECT to the right career opportunities—effectively working networks that they’ve built throughout their careers, optimizing social media presence, connecting to our in-house recruiters, and making the right introductions

SUCCEED in their new opportunity—developing an individualized plan to hit the ground running, and establishing a comprehensive 90-day plan for successful onboarding