Derek Tresemer is the Founder and Principal of KD Search & Associates. In 2014, Derek was named Executive Vice President at FurstSearch. Within 6-months, Derek had grown and expanded the organization and developed KD Search & Associates, in which he later became the CEO. Derek is a talented and seasoned executive with 20+ years of well diversified, progressive, and comprehensive management and operations experience. Derek is accomplished in leading high-profile organizations, operations, programs, product developments, searches, and teams to deliver superior solutions and products to the manufacturing and service industries.


Prior to Derek joining the Service market, Derek spent 20+ years in the Aviation and Industrial Markets. Over 15 years of that was spent with UTC Aerospace Systems where he led operations, product development, and teams for Programs such as; Space Shuttle, THAAD Defense Missile, F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter), and multiple Commercial Aircraft. At the onset of Derek’s career, he spent just shy of 5 years in management roles at Goodyear Tire & Rubber and Rockford Products. His experience includes; Executive Management, Operations, Business Development, New Product Development, Sales, Design, and OEM and MRO processing.


Over the last 20 years, Derek has become an expert in building and restructuring business processes which has provided cost and operational efficiencies to multiple organizations. He provides a valuable mixture of business acumen, operational expertise, negotiation, and leadership skills.


KD Search & Associates’ ultimate goal is to build deep, long lasting relationships with our clients. The result is a genuine and trusting relationship which fosters honest and open communication. KD Search & Associates is committed to the highest degree of quality and professionalism in the search process with the ultimate goal being to attract and recruit the very best executive candidate for each search opportunity.


Derek graduated from Western Illinois University in 1995, earning his bachelor’s degree, with a double major in Political Science and Sociology.