Good companies hire people the right way. Great companies take just as much care when exiting someone from their organization.

Whether it’s a lay-off or a termination, one person or a group…it’s never easy. We’re here to help. Our professionals provide guidance and support to both your organization and your outgoing employees. We bring a holistic approach to the process that includes everyone, even your continuing employees, to ensure sustained engagement and preserve your reputation as an exceptional employer.

Our programs, including specialized executive outplacement, can be customized to fit your particular needs and tailored to serve individuals at all levels.

Organizational Support

Restructuring/Downsizing Consultative Services

KD Transitions becomes a true partner with your HR team in the change process. As a leader in outplacement services, we have developed a streamlined process that produces maximum results for you and your outplaced employees. We provide comprehensive support at every stage including planning and management, communication strategy and training.

Layoff Planning and Management

We will partner with your team to ask critical questions, plan and manage the entire process:

  • Determining the right programs and services for your business and staff
  • Implementation planning
  • Logistics
  • Special reporting requirements
  • Team training on strategy, process and procedure
  • Our goal: to cost-effectively produce the desired outcomes with minimal impact to you and your team

Communication Strategy and Support

We will help plan your internal and external communication with all affected parties when you are conducting a layoff:

  • Facilitating inclusion of fellow employees, families, the community and the press
  • Providing seminars to inform your staff about appropriate actions to take following layoff notification

Notification Training and Follow-Through

We will provide training to your management team when they are faced with conducting a layoff:

  • Ensuring that termination meetings are conducted professionally
  • Upholding the dignity of departing employees
  • Minimizing the possibility of legal action against your company
  • On-site representation by a KD Transitions professional upon request, whether you are terminating one employee or implementing a large-scale international event impacting hundreds

Individual Support

KD Transitions is here to help outgoing employees take the next step. There are many ways to find a new job, but we’ll guide them onto the fastest path to the right job. By following our career coaches’ expert advice, our clients typically land new jobs 50% faster than the market average! Packages can be custom designed to the individual and the career level they seek.

Personal Career Coach

  • Individual guidance through the career transition process
  • Business backgrounds with more than 10 years of experience
  • Passion for helping and skills to coach to positive outcomes

Market-Ready Value Proposition

Today’s job seeker faces stiff competition. They need more than a great resume…they need the right message. Our career coaches will work with each individual to develop and package their own value proposition:

  • What sets them apart from the competition
  • Experience, skills and competencies that attract employers and land interviews
  • Discovery and utilization of their networks and social media presence to make connections within specific industries and opportunities


Beyond having the right resume and contacts, job seekers need to be ready to ace the interview. We prepare them to do just that. Our career coaches will help them develop the skills necessary to interview with confidence and ease.

And we’ll be there until they land that next great opportunity!

It is vital to your job search that you have a quiet and well-appointed place to work. We offer private, professional office space from which to conduct your search. Easy access to phones, faxes, copiers, and computers will help you be as productive and efficient as possible.